What’s in your air?

All around us the air is filled with tiny airborne particles – even at home. Remember the old movie projector your parents would get out to embarrass you in front of friends and family? You probably could see little dust particles flying around in the light beam – try it for yourself with a high-powered flashlight. These are the particles you can see with the naked eye and they measure over 10 Microns in size, about a tenth the size of your hair.

But that’s not the full story because there are billions of much smaller particles in your home right now. Even odors are actually particles you are smelling i.e. they are being absorbed by the lungs and your offertory systems is working with your brain to search the database of known smells – or cataloging new ones. Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs as they are commonly referred, are really tiny particles 1000 times smaller that one hair. The smaller the particle the more harmful it can be to your respiratory system because smaller particles can travel down your bronchial tubes further.

Here’s another problem, the smaller the particle the harder it is to be removed from the air. For example, a 0.1 micron particle will “hang” in the air for 79 days. Eventually these particles collide with other particles and join together or coagulate. This is one of nature’s way of cleaning the air. Once a particle becomes big enough, roughly 0.3 microns it is affected by air flow and can be carried back to the filter for removal.

The CirrusAir product dramatically accelerates the natural coagulation process to make particles larger. The 2″ pleated filter in every CirrusAir product then effectively removes these particles.

Here’s a handy guide to various size particles and what it would take to see them. particles

July 1, 2014

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