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Congratulations! The air inside your home is protected by CirrusAir. Please take a quick moment to tell us what a difference CirrusAir is making in your quality of life and we’ll take 10% off your first filter purchase.

If you or your family suffer from allergies, to what extent has CirrusAir alleviated your/their symptoms?

If you or your family takes allergy medications such as anti-histamines, to what extent have you/they been able to reduce your dose?

If you or your family suffer from regular headaches, to what extent has the frequency and severity of these declined?

If you or your family would regularly blow your/their nose, to what extent has frequency/ferocity of this been reduced?

To what extent are odors from pets, cooking and other sources less obvious around your house?

To what extent are you and your family sleeping better at night?

To what extent have you experienced a reduction in dust and less cleaning throughout your home?

To what extent have you seen a reduction in smoke from cooking, the fireplace, or cigarettes/cigars in the house?

Thank you for completing the CirrusAir Quality of Life survey.

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