CirrusAir combines the most advanced, commercially available technologies to deliver the ultimate air purification solution for your home


CirrusAir Proprietary
2″ Pleated Filter

Designed specifically for the CirrusAir product, the proprietary 2″ pleated filter, produced by one of the world’s largest commercial filter manufacturers, out-performs any other residential air filter on the market.

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CosaTron Electronic
Filter Enhancement

CosaTron has been delivering commercial-grade air purification for over 50 years. Installed in over 33,000 buildings around the world, this patented technology cracks the code on indoor air quality.

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CirrusAir Whole-Home Air Purification System

By adding these two advanced, commercial-grade technologies in a compact chassis, CirrusAir Technologies is able to deliver the residential market’s only class 100,000 clean room air quality specifications.  Guaranteed!

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CirrusAir Proprietary 2" Pleated Filter








The proprietary 2" pleated filter inside the CirrusAir was developed by one of the world's leading commercial filter manufacturers and is based on the design that has set the industry standard for pleated panel filters since 1963. With over 45 design enhancements, it continues to provide the industry’s best value for medium efficiency filtration. Setting the standard by which other pleated filters are judged, modern media manufacturing techniques and proprietary technological advancements ensure that the filter is:

  • Guaranteed to perform at the rated efficiency, or better, throughout the life of the filter.
  • Guaranteed to last longer than any other pleated panel filter available.

Performing at MERV 8, using a mechanical particle capture principle, the CirrusAir proprietary filter will not drop in efficiency while in service as will competitive pleated panel filters that incorporate an electret charge to obtain a MERV 8 value. Its radial pleat design provides the longest life and lowest average pressure drop reducing the number of filter changes so your facility will use less fan power to move air through the filter. The high wet-strength beverage frame and welded wire media backing provide structural integrity in any type of HVAC application.

The CirrusAir proprietary 2" pleated filter has an Energy Cost Index (ECI) of five stars*, the highest performance rating available.

*A 5-star rating indicates that this filter performs in the top 20% of all products of similar construction in the HVAC industry. Factors of consideration include maintained efficiency, energy usage and resistance to air flow.

CosaTron® Electronic Filter Enhancement

For over 50 years CosaTron® has been dramatically improving the quality of indoor air. The patented technology within the CosaTron system accelerates the natural coagulation of airborne particulate matter and increases the effectiveness of the pleated filters. Independent laboratory examination and air quality analysis has unequivocally proven that CosaTron tackles all airborne quality issues with unparalleled effectiveness. From all manner of odors and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), to pollen, pet dander, smoke and viruses, only CosaTron will cost effectively demonstrate significant air quality improvement and reduce your energy costs. With over 33,000 systems installed worldwide, CosaTron is the recognized market leader in indoor air quality improvement for any application.

Other air purification techniques such as ionization or ozone injection are both ineffective and can be harmful for building occupants. Ionizing the air in the building simply turns occupants in to walking air filters. And according to the government; injecting any level or ozone in a confined space can be harmful. Unlike other air purification systems, CosaTron’s unique, patented technology increases the efficiency of the pleated filters. Isolating and simplifying the routine maintenance of your HVAC system.

CirrusAir™ Strata Plus


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