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CirrusAir is the standout leader in whole-home air purification. Our compact, energy-efficient design integrates seamlessly into the air duct before the air handler. Installation is simple and fast. This gives you an excellent opportunity to differentiate your business by offering CirrusAir new-home installation.For your existing residential clients, we’ll provide everything you need to offer your customers all the benefits of CirrusAir in their home.Become a CirrusAir authorized installer today and we’ll connect you with builders and existing homeowners in your area.

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Become a CirrusAir dealer

Become a CirrusAir dealer and know you are delivering your customers the best whole-home air purification on the market. We guarantee you a great product at a great price and the support you will need to differentiate your dealership with this amazing product. Sign up now to become a dealer and we will contact you immediately with details of the program.


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