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Congratulations on buying your home! Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the highest-quality indoor air available. If you have a pet, suffer from allergies, have small children or simply want an odor-free, germ-free home that requires less cleaning, then CirrusAir is for you. CirrusAir delivers ultimate whole-home air purification and our outside studies prove it.

We are so confident that our product ensures the air inside your home will be the purest possible that we guarantee Class 100,000 cleanroom Air Quality Certification.

Insist on the Best Air Quality Inside Your New Home

As a homeowner, you may be unaware of the airborne particles that exist in your home. CirrusAir wants to bring “a little something” to your attention. Sub-micron particles are often unaddressed, creating a melting pot of allergy-causing pollen, pet dander, VOCs and stubborn odors.

CirrusAir guarantees Class 100,000 cleanroom Air Quality with over 100 years of air treatment innovation in a compact, affordable whole-home air purification solution. What does this mean? The air in your home will be classified with the same standard as an operating room or a scientific lab. Make your home an oasis with CirrusAir.

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Become a CirrusAir dealer and know you are delivering your customers the best whole-home air purification on the market. We guarantee you a great product at a great price and the support you will need to differentiate your dealership with this amazing product. Sign up now to become a dealer and we will contact you immediately with details of the program.


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