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Provide the best air-purification technology to your homeowners with CirrusAir. Differentiating your homes with ultimate quality and efficiency not only provides your customers with cleaner air, you’re providing peace of mind. CirrusAir products guarantee to out-perform its competitors in both air quality and efficiency. Partnered with your building expertise, homeowners are sure to be satisfied with the final product.

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CirrusAir the Standout Leader in Whole-Home Air Purification

Feature CirrusAir
Strata Plus
Leading Whole-Home
1” Filter
Commercial Grade Filter Yes Yes No
Filter replacement frequency (times per year) 2 2 4
Generates Ozone* No No No
Class100,000 cleanroom specifications at 0.5µm Yes No No
Energy Required (Watts) 25 0 0
Energy Cost Index (ECI)Rating Highest 5 Stars Highest 5 Stars Not Rated
Static Pressure Drop @500CFM (inches) 0.27 0.27 0.41
Air Velocity with new filter (CFM) 578 578 290
Dimensions 3T (H X W X D) inches 11 X 25 X 20 11 X 25 X 20 Not Applicable
Shipping Weight (lbs) 25 15 2

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